Lauren Bartlett is an award-winning journalist and media specialist. Published in international media, she draws attention to innovative business and the creative industries, taking in everything from architecture to generation X, Y and Z.

Currently, Lauren is a global citizen after a long stint at New Zealand-owned publishing company HB Media, working as full-time writer on Idealog, New Zealand’s best business magazine (MPA awards 2007 & 2008) and Inspire (New Zealand’s largest travel magazine). Through Inspire, Lauren has covered all four corners of the globe, including Madagascar, China and Fiji.

During her time at HB Media, Lauren was also involved in the successful launch of Good magazine (New Zealand’s guide to sustainable living). Through writing and marketing this title, Lauren proved her skills to the sustainable set, and learnt the ins-and-outs of producing a carbon-neutral magazine, from distribution to soy ink. Lauren also worked for the publishers affiliate company, AUT Media, and has been involved in the launch, marketing and publicity of seven books, including Hot Topic (nominated for a Royal Society prize) and Awesome Aotearoa a number-one selling title written by acclaimed children’s author Margaret Mahy.

Before working at HB Media, Lauren worked at The New Zealand Herald (cir. 250,000) and freelanced for titles locally and internationally. In 2006 she was the winner of the Technos Award, a celebrated prize to travel and write in Japan. In 2009 Lauren won a prestigious Qantas Media Award, named Junior Magazine Feature Writer of the Year.

Lauren has also written a guide to Auckland, published in the UK and Canada. In her spare time she enjoys travelling, food, reading and anything where there’s a challenge involved. Earlier this year, Lauren walked 100 kilometres non-stop, to raise funds for children in poverty.

For further resume and references, please email:  info@laurenbartlett.com