Lab Rats

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Despite the perception of science as a dull and dusty undertaking, Priv Bradoo and other young kiwis are collaborating, commercialising and capturing our imagination. Lauren Bartlett meets the new rock stars of New Zealand science

Ernest …

Brew Town

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A chance meeting in the depths of the Pureora forest between a Dutch traveller and a Fijian brewer could make a decent a-man-walked-into-a-bar joke. Instead, the meeting led to a business exporting a uniquely New Zealand beer. Lauren Bartlett report…

Poor Fortune

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A meeting with Fred Hollows set Ray Avery on a new career. Kiwi entrepreneurs are breaking the Third World poverty trap with money, new business models and smart ideas—and selling the same things to the pampered West. Lauren Bartlett unearths the fortune at the bottom of the heap….

The Cuban Connection

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Some people will go a long way for a decent coffee. The quest has taken Geoff Marsland and Tim Rose around the world, mingling with Cuban spies, tagged as terrorists and welcomed by Havana’s Communist elite. Lauren Bartlett meets the proprietors of Wellington’s Havana Coffee Work…

Second Life

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Jo Muir gives a new life to vintage fabric—and a new value. Forget cast-offs, hand-me-downs and the fashions of yesteryear, Kiwi ‘re-designers’ are turning forgotten gems into something new and desirable. Lauren Bartlett meets the Kiwis creating born-again-ware

“Moshi …

The Pundit

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Ten-year-old blogger Tanielu Tele’a and his fellow Pt England Primary colleagues achieve celebrity outside the classroom

Got people following and commenting on your blog daily from around the world? Check. Interviewing the likes of The …

Down to Earth

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Wellington Airport’s planned terminal building has its critics. Here’s why we love it (and what’s wrong with other airports)

The world’s iconic airport buildings are all speed, light and flight, and the pride and joy of thrusting …

Pimp my Bike

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Mike Hodgkinson has invented a whole new genre of motorbike

In 2002 Mike Hodgkinson saw new downhill mountain-bike suspension and realised the latest bike and motorbike research and technology could be combined to create a whole new …

Amazing Face

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Phil Keoghan has celebrity clout—and he plans to use it

Cambo isn’t the only Kiwi celeb on IMG’s books. Phil Keoghan, Amazing Race face, has personal branding down to a fine art. His take on it: pick companies …

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